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It’s About Discovering Your Brilliance

Transitional Coaching

It’s about discovering your brilliance in every day life. From leading life and success coaching Dr. Denise Brimmer guides you to being in your power, manifesting your dreams and and living with style. For women who desire inspiration in their business and the luxurious lifestyle CoachDenise offers a personal guide to being in your famine power.

Business Coaching

cloud-businessGetting into business, especially when you’re a Newbie, can be quite tough. You will often seem to be at the mercy of your customer-making sure that you always meet their needs.

Leadership Coaching

Getting Results

ResultA leader is a person who has a mission, ambition to achieve that vision, and has been coached in the skills to realize success.


Are You Stuck??

hamster-wheel-small-jpegA professionally trained coach assists and guides people and business executives in overcoming hurdles, helps them to clarify their goals and objectives, and acquire the skills and resources needed to operate successfully in life and business.

Life Coaching

Are You Ready for a Change

ACD White Flag GuyWe all have needs. That seems to be a given. Some are simple, some are not. A few of the frequently expressed needs clients have asked for in a life coach relationship are that the relationship be:


Certification in Social Media, Facebook, Plaxo, Squido, Twitter and web 2.0
ACCA Certification in Web 2.0 and Web Leadership















Time Management Coach


Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 5.58.06 PMManaging your time successfully implies accomplishing what is most important for you. When you don’t accomplish what you truly want, you may feel confused, compromised, and frustrated.

Business Coaching

What you will learn isn’t necessarily a formula that will work for all kinds of businesses

“Coach Denise has been working with me to set and meet aggressive goal for my company. She’s even gotten my employees on board with my vision, and I’ve had problems with them in the past. After several “false starts” I’m finally taking my business to its potential, and I would like to see my clients do the same. She helped me identify $20,000 in unmade sales (services people wanted, but we didn’t offer to them and they didn’t know we could provide) and another $25,000 in missed revenues due to under pricing certain services. We also found a way to change our process for preparing returns that cut the turnaround time by 30%.”

D Hiffinger,

Owner, CPA Firm


They are polite, but are focused on the bottom line. Leadership training will help you as a  leader to plan and execute your goals.

“When I read Ask Coach Denise home page I was blown away because the points in their message hit home with where I was in my life and business. I was experiencing owner burnout in my business and I wanted to dump my business. Coach Denise has a lot of insight on where I was because she has personally been there herself. She can really relate to me. I initially thought that the benefits that Small Business Coach offers were too good to be true. However during our first meeting I discovered that every possibility will come true. The plan that Coach Denise developed is far beyond my expectations. Since we have been meeting weekly Denise’s coaching continues to blow me away with new ideas to grow my pipeline, market my business, and stay on target with my goals.”


Billy, Owner

Carpet Cleaning Service


When we risk making changes in how we live our lives, we experience our personal power.

“One morning I woke up and knew I couldn’t go on. My mind and body wouldn’t cooperate. I knew I had come to a screeching halt. I thought of a friend who had gone to Coach Denise and knew this is what I needed. With three boys under the age of 5, I could no longer remember if the college educated, “I’m all it” woman still existed. It seemed my life was consumed each day picking up toys, mediating fights, cleaning and cooking, not to mention the daily trips to the grocery store. My husband says all I do is complain about everything, every day. By the time bedtime rolled around, my promise to me to read or write or just watch a movie disappeared. The thought of doing any of them was like running a 10k race. I contacted Ask Coach Denise and have had several sessions now. Working with Coach Denise has led me to a place where I can see I have to honor myself and spend time doing things that I enjoy. Working with Coach Denise has helped me see that my kids and husband will be fine if I take time for me, even if it’s for a nap. I have reconnected with a few sorority sisters and a girls only trip is in the planning. I am very happy! I can’t recommend Coach Denise highly enough, she helped me find the woman buried beneath dishes, cleaning, and caring for my kids.

Anna P.



Before exploring specific time-management techniques, consider several common myths which contribute to poor time management, especially undermining your efforts to establish and follow your priorities:

The ACD system has been life changing… (It) looked into what I was doing and helped me to see how disjointed, it all was and how my life had become a series of Task lists without a purpose. In one sense these “lists” I had thought were productive were merely running my life on autopilot and in firefighting mode. This system has given me control of my life in terms of time and focus not just now, but in the days, weeks and years ahead.” Thanks Coach Denise for the life changing system

E. Deresford,

Web Marketing Strategist

MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

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